Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wild Mushroom Ravioli

Tonight I decided on making fresh pasta ravioli, which I will stuff with ricotta cheese and a mixture of wild mushrooms. When using all fresh ingredients like pasta and mushrooms, the sauce should be of the same quality and made fresh too. To start I roast cherry tomatoes with garlic and olive oil. The cherry tomatoes are a good choice because they have a very intense tomato flavor, when the tomatoes are done roasting they are then blended till smooth. The next step is to make a basic fresh pasta dough using flour, eggs, salt and a little water, this is then rolled out thin using a pasta rolling machine. The third step is to make the filling, I used a assortment of wild mushrooms which are sauteed in good olive oil with a little chopped garlic, then hit with a splash of white wine at the end to finish. The mixture is then chopped fine and mixed with ricotta cheese and chopped parsley. To assemble the ravioli, small spoonfuls of the mushroom and cheese mixture are placed on to the pasta sheets, the sheets were then folded over, sealed and cut into individual dumplings. Next they go into boiling salted water to cook for a few minutes then drained and into the warmed tomato sauce. They are carefully spooned onto a plate and its garnished with fresh chopped parsley, which gives it a nice bright flavor, they light and delicate and very delicious. Give fresh ravioli a try with your favorite fillings and sauce.

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