Monday, September 22, 2014

Its Hot Sauce Time

The warm end of Summer produces the best produce including a bounty of chili peppers. I was given a variety of red ripe peppers from Barking Crow Farms in Marin County and the idea of making hot sauce instantly came to mind. To make the sauces I used Red Fresno, Cayenne and Thai Birds Beak slowly simmered in white vinegar, garlic and a touch of salt, then allowed to cool before being blended. I kept half to use as a slightly chunky sauce and the other half strained to fiery liquid. Both with intense hot pepper flavor and a tartness from the vinegar. I think they will be perfect with a Southern Gumbo or maybe stir fried Asian rice noodles.

Ripe and Ready

Freshly Bottled and Ready to Use
Just picked

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last of the Season Green Beans

Mature Plants bearing lots of Beans

Ready to Pick

Around the end of July I thought I could get one last crop of beans grown before the rainy fall season. So I planted from seed about 20 bush beans and in a short month later its time to start harvesting these small thin beans. Perfect by themselves or in a salad. This was easiest vegetable I have grown, just plant and forget till harvest.

Wine Country Farmers Market

Locals Gathering for Live Music in the Square

Tomatoes Everywhere

Local Grapes

Theres is a farmers market going on everyday somewhere in the bay area including the Northern wine regions of Sonoma and Napa Valleys. For the town of Sonoma its on Tuesday evenings during the summer located in the historic town square. The market includes a wide range of food trucks, booths and vegetable stalls with a live band in the center providing music for the event. What is different is the large amount of wine industry people who gather after work and sharing there wines and talking shop.