Monday, September 22, 2014

Its Hot Sauce Time

The warm end of Summer produces the best produce including a bounty of chili peppers. I was given a variety of red ripe peppers from Barking Crow Farms in Marin County and the idea of making hot sauce instantly came to mind. To make the sauces I used Red Fresno, Cayenne and Thai Birds Beak slowly simmered in white vinegar, garlic and a touch of salt, then allowed to cool before being blended. I kept half to use as a slightly chunky sauce and the other half strained to fiery liquid. Both with intense hot pepper flavor and a tartness from the vinegar. I think they will be perfect with a Southern Gumbo or maybe stir fried Asian rice noodles.

Ripe and Ready

Freshly Bottled and Ready to Use
Just picked

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