Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cochon Heritage Fire, Napa Valley 2011

John Fink cooking Tandoori Goat
Flying Rabbits?
Todd Spanier basting his three hogs
The crowd enjoying the food
"Live fire" cooking with CIA Greystone in the background
Over the weekend I helped my buddy, Chef John Fink of "The Whole Beast" catering company.
We were cooking at a event in Napa Valley, California the Cochon Heritage Fire which has the simple mission of promoting heritage animals. These are breeds that are original and have not cross bred for mass production. This event featured chefs from around the country preparing pig, goat, lamb, chicken, duck, salmon and rabbits over a open wood fire. It seemed like every different kind of recipe was made with these animals.  The chefs were split into teams featuring a different animal each, we were in team goat. Our team produced three different preparations, Latin goat tostadas, tandoori roast goat with cucumber salad and the already famous John's harrisa sauce, spit-roasted goat with spicy slaw.  It was a great event and nice to cook outside surrounded by vineyards full of soon to be picked grapes.

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