Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finger Limes

Finger Lime "Caviar"
One of the hottest foods chefs have recently discovered are finger limes, this member of the citrus family is found in Australia but due to exporting restrictions its not available here yet, luckily they are also being grown in central and Southern California in the Fall months. The appearance of these limes are small long and narrow shapes with a hard skin. The prize and what makes this fruit so unique is not so much the juice but how the juice is contained, small round translucent beads filled with the tart juice, it is very much like caviar with the same crunch resulting in the juice coming out when crushed with your teeth. I think it could be used wherever citrus juice is used, but maybe best sprinkled over seafood as a crunchy and tart garnish,  maybe it can even used on the rim of a martini glass for a margarita? This rare seasonal fruit is also not cheap, the half pint I found in my local store was $10.00 retail. Its a small price to pay for something new and so cool.

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