Wednesday, December 21, 2011

King Alaskan Salmon

I was in the mood for salmon the other night and my first choice was King Salmon from Alaska. This fish is wild caught and it's full of natural fat, the good omega three fat that helps keep your heart healthy. The color is a bright orange which comes from it's diet of small shrimp. One of my favorite ways to cook this fish is to simply season and sear it in a very hot pan 'till its golden brown and crisp. I also sauteed Yukon gold potatoes and red kale to go with it, the sauce is a very flavorful tomato and olive relish.

Cherry Tomato Relish
Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
Kalamata olive slices
Capers, rinsed
Garlic, diced
Lemon segments and juice
Parsley, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil

1. Mix all ingredients well. Great with any fish or meat.

Pan Seared King Salmon Fillet

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