Friday, July 20, 2012

Padron Chili Peppers

On a recent weekend I visited the city of Portland, Oregon where I attended the weekly farmers market in the downtown area. This is always a great way to see what other cities or even states are growing this time of year, and no big surprise was seeing lots of berries on display there. Oregon being a little cooler then California has a slight delay in warm weather vegetables coming to market, but the berries were out in force with amazing varieties. Another popular seasonal vegetable found there is the small Padron chili pepper, loved for its mild pepper flavor (but maybe one in twenty will be spicy hot). I bought at least four baskets which I brought back with me to California to enjoy here. The very best way to cook them I think is to quickly pan roast with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. Perfect when served in a bowl as a snack with a cold drink.

Love the Variety 

Berries in all colors

Peppers everywhere

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Jeffrey Wexler said...

Nice photos of the colored berries. I really love your quick Padron Pepper dish. JW