Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Bay Areas Chefs Lounge

The Bay Area's Chefs Lounge is a causal, social and networking club of food professionals and foodies, who gather the first Monday of every month in a different location. The group was started in 2007 by Todd Spanier, CEO of The King of Mushrooms, a wholesale mushroom company in South San Francisco. The monthly event is hosted by a restaurant, bar or food business of a member and will often serve light snacks.  Attendees bring food pot-luck style, but it's not just any food after all, it's their peers that will eating it.  Sometimes a winery will offer a tasting too.  The 2-3 hour event is filled with lots of industry talk, and you might even find that new line cook that you have been searching for.

This months location was in San Francisco at The Ramp Restaurant

Chef Neils Marquis amazing Saffron Rice and Chicken Kabobs

Chef Todd Spanier's Hot  and Cheesy Black Chantrelles 

The King of Mushrooms, Todd Spanier

Local Lamb Prosciutto

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