Monday, May 05, 2014

Cobia, a Recent Find

Seared Cobia Fillet with Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Its not that often that you will hear of a new fish that's available in the market place but I was recently told from my seafood guy at work about a less common fish called Cobia. Other common names are Black Kingfish, Black Salmon or Lemonfish. I did some research and found that it is a farmed fish raised in huge floating ocean pens. The biggest producers are from Mexico, Panama and Vietnam. I am normally against farmed fish but this one has the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch seal of approval as a best choice. I ordered a few sides to try and experiment with and I found them to be easy to work with a lot like Yellowtail Tuna, firm and meaty with beautiful edible skin. The cost was a little high, around $16 a pound wholesale, not cheap but worth the price if you want a great piece of fish.

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