Saturday, May 05, 2007

mint juleps for the Kentucky derby

Today is the Kentucky Derby which means there will be a mint shortage tomorrow, next to the famous horse race these drinks will be consumed by the gallon in little silver cups. The mint julep is the perfect southern hot weather drink next to lemonade, its sweet and icy cold with flavors of mint and smoky Kentucky bourbon. Bourbon whisky is regional and can only be from the Southern state of Kentucky. A popular and personal favorite of mine is Makers Mark Bourbon whisky with the signature red wax neck. The bottles are hand dipped and each person dipping the bottles has his or her own way of doing it, which gives the bottles there own distinct look. There are many variations of the Mint Julep, here's one:

Mint Julep recipe:
10 large sprig of fresh mint
2 cups good quality water
2 cups granulated sugar
1 bottle of good quality bourbon (Makers Mark)
lots of crushed ice
1. Boil the water and dissolve the sugar in it, cool.
2. In a pitcher add the mint and crush to a paste with a wooden spoon.
3. add ice and bourbon.
4. add sugar/water mixture (simple sugar) to taste.
more syrup for a sweeter drink.
5. fill glasses or silver cups with crushed ice and pour the good stuff in, garnish with mint.

A bottle might seem like a lot,
but it will be gone soon guarantied!

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Bro said...

Like a Mojito, but no rum.. Yum