Friday, August 17, 2007

Peek tomato season is right now

It is late August and all tomatoes are at their absolute best! Put them in every recipe now because fall is coming and then they will soon be gone. Making a simple salad is the best way to taste all the different flavors and textures as well as all the colors and shapes. The key is to use only the best ingredients in your salad like extra virgin olive oil, quality aged vinegar, fresh milled black pepper and sea salt.
Simple Tomato salad
assortment of ripe heirloom tomatoes
baby arugula, washed and dried
extra virgin olive oil
aged sherry vinegar
fresh milled black pepper
kosher or sea salt
1. Slice the tomatoes in wedges, arrange on plate.
2. Place a small nest of arugula on top.
3. Combine 1 part sherry vinegar to 3 parts extra virgin olive oil, season with the salt and pepper.
4. Drizzle vinagrette over salad, enjoy.


Bro said...

Another great way to use up tomatoes is to make a quick sause and freeze it or just freeze the tomatoes. They can stay in the freezer for a month or so, they will only be good for sause after, but you get that great summer taste in the fall.

Chef Greg said...

Hey Bro I think its sauce! but buy and freeze now for winter. When you freeze whole tomatoes and thaw them under cold running water, the skin will come right off.