Friday, September 14, 2007

Chilaquiles for breakfast anyone?

There is a common or maybe classic Mexican breakfast called Chilaquiles, it is often served at breakfast and made with fried corn tortillas, green or red chili sauce and eggs. Basicly a scrambled egg and tortilla cassorole. And being someone who likes all things Mexican, I threw together a verison with what I had on hand in my fridge. And I must heat it up with a dash of hot sauce when I serve it.

2 diced strips of good thick smoky bacon

1/2 of a onion, sliced
3 corn tortillas, torn
1 potato, diced
2 organic eggs
1/2 cup red or green enhilada sauce

1. Saute onion, potatoes and bacon till browned.
2. Add eggs, tortillas and your choice of chili sauce
3. Stir till eggs are soft scrambled, garnish with cilantro

Note: Great with grated jack or cheddar cheese

Serves 1-2 people

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