Sunday, October 14, 2007

San Francisco road trip

Not a real road trip, but just across the bridge for a afternoon adventure in the city. While taking the kids to the zoo, we came across a Russian church with a booth in front selling home made piroshki. We stopped and bought the two kinds they were selling, ground beef and mushroom. They were both really good and only $2 dollars each. Next for a restaurant at lunch time it was a visit to the Asian district of upper Clement street. Packed with lots of small markets and restaurants, we headed to my daughters favorite Pho noodle house and ordered the usual pot stickers, Hong Kong crispy pan fried noodles with beef and vegetables and a big steaming bowl of chicken noodle pho which comes with a plate of vegetable and herb garnish to add for a flavor boost. We skipped desert and headed to one of the bigger Asian markets for Japanese mango mochi treats. The fog burned away leaving a warm afternoon as we headed back across the bridge home.

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Bro said...

Nice looking Pho!