Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ahi Tuna Stuffed with Dungeness Crab Salad

I did a small lunch today and this was the First course. I took a 2 ounce piece of raw sushi grade ahi tuna and put it between two plastic sheets, then carefully pounded it thin and flat. Next I made a simple crab salad with 2 ounces fresh lump crab meat, grated ginger, chopped scallions, lime juice, olive oil, a dash of soy sauce and a pinch of sugar to balance out the lime. I placed the salad on one end of the tuna, next I topped it with diakon radish sprouts and rolled it up. That's it, ready to eat with a drizzle of soy sauce and ginger. I served a chilled Haricot vert and radish salad with it.

Note: The key to this dish is using fresh crab meat and the freshest quality tuna you can buy.

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