Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Dinner

Its June, warm and the kids are out of school, Summers here and its time to make warm weather foods. While doing the evening market stroll, I came across first of the season sweet white corn and golden chanterelle mushrooms for a good price. I had the idea of doing a salad using roasted chicken, chanterelles, corn and arugula with a simple dressing. I prepped and cooked all the individual ingredients and just tossed them together with the chicken on top of the salad as the center piece. I salad would be great on its own if you wanted to leave out the chicken. The addition of panchetta or smoky bacon would add nice flavor as well.

The Chicken:
organic deboned whole chicken legs
season with sea salt/fresh black pepper
Pan sear till golden brown and finish roasting 20-30 minutes in 400F oven

The salad:
Sweet white corn, shucked and briefly sauteed in olive oil
Golden chanterelle mushrooms, cleaned and sliced and quickly sauteed
Washed baby arugula

The Vinaigrette:
Sherry wine Vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt/fresh pepper
Whisk well

Roast red onions:
1 peeled red onion, sliced and sauteed in olive oil and a splash of quailty sherry vinegar.

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