Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wasabi, The Real Truth

Fresh Japanese Wasabi

Most everyone loves to eat sushi and that spicy nose clearing condiment known as wasabi that is made into a dipping sauce when mixed with soy sauce. The problem is that all these years we have been eating fake wasabi that is really just plain horseradish dyed green to look like the real thing, yes its true, just look at the ingredient list on the label. The real and rare wasabi is a green knobby horseradish type root grown mostly in Japan, Recently there has been a successfully grown crop from the cold and damp coastal region of Oregon. Since Wasabi is grown only in small quantities and is just is not enough to feed all the world sushi lovers, the fake stuff will still be dominet. The real wasabi is a lot milder and has less of the hot pungent flavor. In San Francisco there is a very well stocked Japanese market* where it is avaiable, Also at $100.00 a pound it is not a everyday condiment, but if you find yourself at a good sushi bar, ask for it. They will sometimes have some on hand for the customers in the know.

*Nijiya Japanese Market, 1737 Post Street, San Francisco, Ca 415.563.1901

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