Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Trip to Napa Valley

Entrance to the Caves

Endless Barrels of Wine in Caves

Napa Valley Vineyard

Late Season Cluster of Grapes

When I need a quick weekend get away trip, my first choice is one of the local beaches, my second choice is a trip to the wine country. The first wineries are only a quick half hours drive away. This last weekend was clear and very warm for this time of the year, I was also surprised to see that the grape vines were now just starting to turn colors and there was still some grapes left on some vines, they were starting to shrivel up like raisins and had a very intense and sweet taste like honey, this is what late harvest wines are produced from and why they are sweet.One of my favorite places in the valley is Rombauer vineyards which is right off the sliverado trail near St. Helena, they make really nice wines and the hillside views of the valley are amazing. If the name sounds familiar its because its the same family that wrote the very popular cookbook "The Joy of Cooking".
Rombauer Vineyards, 3522 Silverado Trail, St. Helena, Ca 94574 707 963 5170

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