Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Ingredients for Dinner

After a long day of cooking for others it is time to relax and cook one last meal, I quick trip to the store and in my bag is a nice piece of sea bass, brussel sprouts, pancetta bacon, potatoes and a good bottle of chilled white Burgundy. With just these few ingredients it will not take long to get from pan to plate. The new potatoes are cut and simmered in salted water, in another pan small pieces of pancetta are browned and shaved brussel sprouts go in to cook, the Sea bass is seasoned with kosher salt and pepper and goes into a hot pan with a touch of olive oil. When all the ingredients are cooked they come together on a warmed plate with a waiting second glass of wine. I offen avoid using a sauce with fish because I want to taste it by itself. Simple, uncomplicated and Delicious.

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