Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pacific North West Oysters

Malsipina Oysters, Vancouver Island, Washington

Ready to eat with a great view

Just back from a nice weekend trip to the Pacific Northwest; we had stayed just West across the sound from Seattle in the area of a small town called Poulsbo. When ever I am up here visiting I just have to have the local shellfish whenever possible as it is simply amazing. At our family gathering with the grill fired up. me and my brother cooked local Malsipina Pacific oysters. So easy to just wash and rinse clean, place flat side up on the hot grill, they are ready to eat when the shell opens slightly, this allows a oyster shucking knife to finish opening them up, a spicy sweet BBQ sauce was spooned on the plump oyster then its time to eat. These big oysters will shrink slightly when cooked but will remain soft and tender and the briny oyster juice mixes with the sweet glaze to make a delicious sauce. I always recommend a local cold beer to go with them.

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Julie of In A Half Shell said...

Malaspinas are my favorite!!! Thanks for sharing your trip :)