Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A taste of Spring at work

Spring Salmon Salad

This week at work I was inspired by all the Spring produce that's beginning to appear on the market now. I chose to make a salad using salmon because of its mass appeal and health benefits. Also in this recipe I prepared freshly shucked English peas, locally grown asparagus, orange segments and tender butter lettuce. The dressing that tied it all together, was a citrus and tarragon with shallots. The salad was very well received by all the guests, and that makes everyone happy.

5 oz Salmon fillet, boneless, skinless
1 orange cleaned and segmented
5-6 English peas, shucked
3 medium asparagus, cut into bite size pieces 
1/2 head butter lettuce, washed and dried
Kosher Salt/Pepper
1 dash Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Orange Juice
1 tablespoon Lime Juice
1 Pinch fresh Tarragon, chopped
1/2 Shallot, fine chopped

1. Season the salmon with the salt and pepper, Sear in a hot saute pan with a dash of olive oil.
2. Place pan in oven till just cooked through, remove and cool.
3. In lightly salted boiling water place the peas and asparagus in, cook till tender but firm, plunge into ice water to stop the cooking process, drain well*
4. Blend the bottom ingredients to make the dressing, a pinch of sugar can help if too tart.
5. Lightly dress the greens and place in center of plate, top with the Salmon, Orange Segments, Asparagus and Peas, drizzle more dressing over fish.

*Note: This method of cooking is whats known as "Blanching and Shocking"

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