Monday, November 11, 2013

The Hawaiian Classic, Poke

Shoyu Ahi Poke* 

A Variety of Poke a the Market

The State dish? could be and found in almost every market in the state of Hawaii, Poke. A cold salad of mostly raw or cooked seafood dressed in soy sauce, sesame oil, Maui sweet onion, seaweed and chili peppers. There are lots of variations of seafood used but Ahi (Yellowfin tuna) is the most typical. The history of Poke dates back many years but started gaining in popularity in the 1970s to the level its at today where its eaten almost daily as a snack or maybe in a rice bowl as a meal. Sold by weight in little plastic tubs starting at around $10 U.S. dollars a pound to maybe $16 or more for better grade fish.

* Note: Shoyu Ahi Poke is a basic salad seasoned with Sesame oil, Soy Sauce and Onions  

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