Monday, January 08, 2007

Homemade Fresh Pasta Ravioli

Homemade sausage filled Ravioli
are fast and easy to make!
These were made with a basic dough of flour, water, salt, egg and olive oil. Rolled out in to a long wide sheet*, tablespoon sized dots of a filling made with raw sweet Italion sausage, garlic and parmeasan cheese. The pasta sheet is folded over sealed and all air bubbles are pressed out, cut into two inch squares and into boiling salted water, done in only about two minutes. To finish drain, plate and top with sauce or just butter and gratted cheese. Ravioli can be made all year long, just use fresh seasonal ingredients for the fillings. The pasta texture is so soft and light you will have a hard time using the dry store bought kind.
*(You will need to have a pasta rolling machine which can be bought at any good cooking supply store)

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