Monday, April 09, 2007

Almost Summer grilled chicken skewers

I have looked at the cover on the outdoor grill all Winter long, I know it was not much of a Winter but I still had it covered. Anyway the cover is off and let the grilling begin. Over the weekend my Daughter and I bought some nice organic chicken from the local store and we discussed what we were going to make. I then remembered the long bamboo skewers in the kitchen drawer and I idea was born. We cut large cubes of the chicken and threaded on wet skewers. (so they won't burn) Then a quick marinate of fresh chopped rosemary, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. We then placed the skewers on the hot clean preheated grill and turned every few minutes until done. We served one skewer per person along with red skinned mashed potatoes.

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Bro said...

Can you say Souvlaki.. Some fresh pita bread and some onions and parsly, don't forget the veggies (that's french fries in Greek) in the sandwich.

No kinding, french fries in the souvlaki is called veggies. When you order a kabab in Athens, they ask if you want veggies with it, they put a big pile of fries on top and away you go..