Monday, June 25, 2007

San Diego Dining

Just back from a weekend of sailing in San Diego. Great city with a casual beach attitude, its not known as a food city but with any US-Mexico border town its all about eating Mexican food as much as possible. Now you can always find good Mexican food all over California, but In San Diego its a way of life along with the sun and the beach. The popular fish taco has become the signature item in San Diego, maybe due to its origins in Baja California. I like going to the local taco shops, which many are open 24 hours.
At restaurants you first choose your meat, beef carne asada, grilled chicken, pork carnitas, etc. Then how do you want to eat it? in a taco? will it be soft, crispy or rolled. Maybe in a burritos dry or "wet" with a spicy chili sauce. There are many options on the menus, just don't forget your hot sauce before you walk down to the beach and watch the sunset.

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Bro said...

You tell'em!!! Nothing like some Mexican "Gravy" after a days sail.