Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring is so close you can taste it

First of Spring Asparagus

Fennel seed crusted Black Cod Fillet with Black Forbidden Rice

After a winter of somewhat boring fruits and vegetables, Spring is coming and some of my favorite vegetables arrive, like asparagus and artichokes. I picked up a bunch of first of the season asparagus at the local market and a fillet of black cod which looked really good. First I crushed the fennel seeds in a morter and dusted the Cod, then the fish goes into a hot oiled pan for a quick sear before going into the oven to finish cooking. The asparagus was sliced into bite sized pieces and quickly sauteed with sliced garlic and olive oil. Asian black forbidden rice was simply cooked with vegetable stock and everything came together on the plate. With a big batch of fresh Salsa Verde on hand, this naturaly became the sauce for the fish, it was really good to have fresh asparagus again and the cod was very moist, flaky and tender. I'm ready to cook more.

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