Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Taco Craving

Pork Carnitas Burrito with plenty of hot sauce

London has its pubs with fish & chips, we here in California have Taqueria's (taco shops) They are found everywhere, ask anyone and they will tell you there favorite place. I tend to stay away from all chain Mexican restaurants, I don't do sour cream! I like to go where English is the second language and you will find huge jars of pickled jalapeno peppers and carrots for you to spice up your food, Mexican music blaring from the juke box. On weekends you will often find menudo on the menu (tripe stew) This last weekend I went to a local taqueria called "Picante" in San Rafael, Marin County. It was good and clean with lots of locals, which is always a good sign. It had the normal steam table filled with big vats of different rice, beans and meats. I got a burrito with crispy chunks of pork "carnitas" and no sour cream! a cold Tecate and I was all set.
I give it 3 out of 5 points

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