Friday, July 18, 2008

The Alaska Adventure, Part 2

I have been here over a week now and a veteran of numerous whale watching dinner cruises, the whales continue to put on a great show for the guests on board. Getting used to life in the forrest and the lack of a dark night. Food wise there is a good side and a bad side to being in Alaska, the plus is the amazing ingredients, the minus is getting those ingredients! Since there is not any roads to where we are, everything is brought in by barge or air taxi (the same one I flew in on) Tonight's fresh salmon was delayed in getting here because the air taxi wanted a full paying fare for the seat instead of my ice chest with king salmon. The salmon made it later in the evening and I hope the passenger didn't have to wait if he or she ordered for dinner. I was just told yesterday by a chef here, that almost every bush in the Forrest is wild blue berry, guess whats on the dessert menu tonight? Will post photos on a later date, there is not a way to download now, to be continued.....

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