Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cooking in Alaska

I am currently doing a two week cooking stint at a remote rustic lodge in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The trip getting here was a long journey and used progressively smaller airplanes, I thought I might have had to help fly the last one, it was that small.
I have never been to Alaska before and I am very impressed, its a big and beautiful state with very clean and unspoiled wilderness. The natural ingredients here are the big draw with wild king salmon, dungeness crab, halibut and wild berries being very popular. It will be fun cooking and experimenting with these ingredients and the ideas and photos will be posted soon.

My adventure here started only two hours after I arrived, my first job was to cook on the lodge boat. We went out on a three hour whale watching tour, I did a three course dinner for 2o lodge guests, I started with a simple salad followed by grilled wild salmon and fresh baked apple pie for dessert. I think the people enjoyed the dinner, but the whales stole the show. We lost count how many whales we saw swimming, playing and breaching (jumping out of the water) but it was at least one hundred. We could have watched them all night, easy when the the sun is still shining at midnight! To be continued.....

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Alex said...

Yeah.....I dealt with the white nights in Russia last year. It's tough because you almost have to remind yourself that it's time to go to bed. You play too long and then you realize it's midnight. Nice to have such abundance of truly fresh fish up there.