Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Night Rack of Lamb

Its been a long busy week at work, so with the start of the weekend I went all out with a rack of lamb for dinner. I don't eat lamb often but sometimes I am in the mood for it and this was it. I started my weekend with a very nice evening sail on San Francisco bay then when I got home I started preping dinner with a glass of good red wine. First I made a tomato, onion and saffron chutney then I simply seasoning and roasted the lamb rack in a hot 400f oven for about 12 minutes. I allowed the lamb to rest before cutting into chops and served them with the tomato chutney. The weekend is off to a good start.


Christopher said...

this sounds like a good idea i have to prepare rack of lamb for y final practical on tuesday(I am in culinary school) and the thought had occured to me to do this srved with a tomato chutney so this is making me feel like I have a winning idea.

Nick Atonna said...

Man oh man do I loves me some Lamb