Monday, March 01, 2010

Caramel Apples

Its a new week and a new school project that I helped my daughter with, today its caramel apples on a stick. This cooking project is new to me as well, I have made lots of caramel in my life for different menus but have never dipped a whole apple in it. My daughter wanted to make enough for the whole class, too many for me so I had to haggle the number down to a easy 10. I chose small basic red apples and used chopsticks instead of the common Popsicle stick, a good trick I learned was to chill the apples so the caramel hardens faster and will not drip off, a basic caramel recipe using sugar, cream and a touch of water is made and the apples are dipped and placed on a silpat non stick baking mat to cool. These apples can be rolled in chopped nuts or other ingredients if desired. My daughter is looking forward to lots of smiles from her classmates and maybe some extra credit from the teacher.

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