Thursday, April 01, 2010

Creole Style Pacific Snapper

A nice bite of Fish

Blackened Red Fish with Creole Sauce

The Cajun and Creole foods of the state of Louisiana are one of the big draws to this Southern United States region, I am not even close to being a expert on the cuisine but I have learned the basics and when I am in the mood I will cook the classics. I really like the regions bold and spicy flavors and when I came across some nice looking local Snapper at my local market I thought of doing this immediately I made a dry spice rub for the fish which the fish was dredged in and sauteed in a very hot pan with a touch of vegetable oil. The sauce for the fish is tomato based with the famous Louisiana "trinity of aromatic vegetables" green bell pepper, celery and onions. Many years back chef Paul Prudhomme became known as the godfather of Cajun cooking and this dish was one of his signatures, he was responsible for the whole blackened redfish craze and his famous restaurant K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans became the place to go when in that region. I met Chef Paul many years back when he was visiting the kitchen a was working at in San Francisco, I was very impressed by him and remember him even shaking hands with the dish washers and saying "everyone one is part of the team and is important" The fish turned out great and reminds me that I need to visit the Southern region soon.

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