Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time

Pumpkins from the Source to the Fork

The Fall season brings with it the harvest of lots of different fruits and vegetables, squash being one of them. There are lots of different varieties and the common pumpkin is the largest with a average wight of 9-18 pounds (4.1-8.2 kg ) The current world record is 1,725 pounds! (782.446 kg) These giant squash originate from north America and besides being topically being eaten as a pie they are associated with the American holiday Halloween. On the night of October 31 most children in the U.S. dress up in costumes and "trick or treat" for candy. Most houses will have pumpkins that are carved with a scary or funny face and illuminated with a candle inside. In California's Central Valley there are lots of road side "pumpkin patches" where they are grown and sold for this holiday. Besides the classic pumpkin pie, another good use for this squash is to be simply roasted and used as a filling for ravioli with a browned butter and sage which I made. This ravioli is another example of only using a few simple quality ingredients to make a delicious and satisfying dish.

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