Thursday, October 28, 2010

Island Style, Tropical Fruits part II

I found a fruit variety today that I have never seen before, Surinam cherries. This fruit has its orgins in South America and can now be found in all tropical and sub tropical regions of the world. The thin skinned fruit are about a inch wide and have smooth ribs with small pits, they change from green to bright red when ripe and will easily fall into your hand when picked. The flavor is tart with some sweetness to it and I found hints of lime. The popular way to consume it here is to make jams or infuse liquor out of it. Another very popular and common fruit is the banana which seems to grow everywhere, I don't think people here have ever had to buy them in stores.


Cambree said...

That is a great photo of the Suriname Cherries. I first saw these at the fruit orchard in San Jose, Ca. It's one of the prettiest fruit ever.

Chef Gregory Clausen said...

Its really cool to discover something for the first time, its so common for Hawaiians to have all those exotic to us fruits