Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bariani Olive Oil Company

California is known for having a Mediterranean climate and with that warm weather comes a abundance of olive trees growing in the hills and valleys of the state.

Angelo Bariani (photo) started his family olive oil company in the Sacramento valley in the year 1990; he arrived from Northern Italy a year before. His four sons are involved in different areas of the business after obtaining various degrees in higher education. The Bariani family produces amazing cold-pressed unfiltered flavorful olive oils that I use it in all my cooking. Like fine wine, the bottles are dated when the olives are harvested, pressed and bottled. They harvest and press twice in the year, early Fall with green olives only and a month or two later with more mature olives. This fine extra virgin olive oil is avaiable in fine Northern California markets, mail order and selected farmers markets in Sacramento and San Francisco.

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