Monday, May 30, 2011

Boat Cooking: Part two

Today was one of those days that I debated going out on the San Francisco Bay, due to the forecast of higher then normal winds.  It's not really a problem but lots more work and lower air temperatures, so I cooked lunch on the boat while I thought more about it. With the wind blowing outside I chose to cook sausages on the indoor galley stove, slowly simmered in quality beer with sliced yellow onions. After the onions became softened, a split bun was placed on top of the pan to steam and get soft. The warm bun filled with a smoked pork sausage and the onions needed just a thick drizzle of Jack Daniels Horseradish Mustard to complete the masterpiece. With one sausage quickly eaten, maybe I need another one as a wind gust shakes the mast.

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