Monday, May 23, 2011

Yukon River King Salmon

I found myself surrounded by fellow chefs, fish vendor's and the vast Pacific ocean at a recent Monterey food event. The talk was all fish and it was not long before I was approached by a fish vendor from Emmonak, Alaska, he is involved with a company that catches and processes King Salmon into various forms of cured and smoked products. The company is formed by a group of Yupik Eskimos from six local villages who catch Yukon River Salmon. After seeing and tasting some samples of the products its clear that its quality stuff. I thought about doing a blini with the Salmon drizzled with sour cream but it was morning and I could not wait to eat it, so I made hash with a fried egg, Delicious.

Kwik' Pak Fisheries 1 800 509 3332

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