Friday, February 09, 2007

Crab Feed!

Northern California Dungeness crab with chili and garlic

Around the world people celebrate local foods and here in Northern California there are many seasonal foods that are enjoyed, but when its crab season, watch out, fresh cooked and cracked dungeness crab, sourdough french bread and a great Napa Chardonnay is all you need! Local organizations will hold fund raisers by having all you can eat crab and pasta dinners. I went to a fund raiser for my kids school last night and it was amazing!. San Francisco restaurants donating wines, salads, antipasto, fresh pesto pasta, local crabs done two ways and Italian desserts. It was a food lovers paradise.

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Bro said...

Similar to a great crab dish I had at a small tavarna just north of Athens, one of the best places for sea food in the city, and the "illegal" squid was incredible. Their crab was in a cilantro chile pesto, kind of spicy for Greek cooking, but great all the same.