Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucca Italian Delicatessen, San Francisco

Lucca on Chestnut Street

Domestic and Imported Canned Foods
Huge Variety of Cheese from around the World

The #2 Combo on Sourdough with a View
San Francisco does not have as many delicatessen's as New York city 0r maybe Chicago but the few that are here are very good. The best two Italian deli's in the city are Molinari at 373 Columbus Ave in North Beach and Lucca at 2120 Chestnut Street in the Marina district. Since I was in the Marina area, lucca was the best choice to get a few custom made sandwiches for a Saturday lunch by the bay. These sandwiches are made to order with many choices of quality meats, cheese and local baked breads. Also available are lots of side salads and a huge selection of good bottled drinks. I really like both delicatessens but you must also go to Molinari, the smell of all the amazing foods hits you first as you walk in the front door and then you are forced to walk past the long counter with endless food choices with dozens of cured meats hanging from the ceiling. They also make and sell fresh pastas and ravioli.

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