Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oktoberfest Party in the Wine Country

Pouring Wine in my glass and others

Grilling Sausage over a Log Fire

Amazing Tomato Dip with Bread

The First of Many Bottles

This weekend I attended my friends annual Oktoberfest party on his Napa mountain top property. Like most of the people in the valley, my friend grows his own grapes to make wine which gave this Oktoberfest a whole different feel with wine being the dominate drink. In fact most of the people present are in the wine business and when they arrived there were lots of bottles in there arms. I appointed myself to help pour wine at the bar and what amazing wines they were, every varietal with vintages dating back to 1971 through the eighties and into the nineties. I happened to be in the right place to try them all. One of the cool features of the property's big outdoor entertaining space was a massive stone barbecue pit with huge adjustable racks for cooking just about anything you want. Tonight's menu was simple grilled sausages and other German style foods like sauerkraut and potatoes. One of the highlights on the menu was a large glass jar filled with heirloom tomatoes in plenty of good olive oil, which was excellent served with bread. It was a fun party and I can't wait till it happens again next year.

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