Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stripe Bass Dinner

Freshly Cut Fillets

Smoking Hot Cast Iron Seared

Pan Seared Stripe Bass with Citrus Relish

I chose to use a fresh whole stripe bass tonight and I wanted to simply pan sear it with a light citrus sauce. When ever possible I like to cut fillets from a whole fish because its the best way to make sure the fish is fresh and I also like to keep the skin on because not only does it look good it becomes crisp. With these fresh fillets the only prep work to do ahead of time is to caramelize yellow onions as a base for the fish. The sauce is simply made from segments of lemon and orange, lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil, capers, fresh cracked pepper, chopped garlic and parsley. To cook the fish, a cast iron pan is heated till smoking and the fillets are seared skin side down with a splash of oil till brown and crispy, then flipped over and cooked till done. placed on a bed of the warm onions with a briny spoonful of sauce placed on top. I love to serve fish simply this way.

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pierre said...

Hi gregory!
I love this fish it looks very fresh and delicious !
this is Pierre from Paris in France and if you like french creative cuisine come and see my blog you are very welcome !!
(and tmw i 'll post a creme brulée with butternut squash !
Cheers Pierre