Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Choice Rib Eye Steak

What on a Wednesday night? OK its a payday and I deserve a rare treat of a choice steak. Its not often that I eat red meat like this, due to working many long days of butchering endless cuts of lamb racks, squab and venison at Fleur de Ly's restaurant in San Francisco. But I do get a craving once every six months or so and I go for a big rib eye beef steak, it has the right ratio of fat to meat which keeps it moist with all that good flavor. Just kosher salt and fresh pepper with a splash of Extra virgin olive oil, next it goes on a smoking grill pan placed in waiting 5ooF oven for about five minutes then flipped over for another five, done! To balance out the fatty meat I chose tonight a side of simple saute of rainbow chard. With the flavorful meat a memory now its sometime in the summer before the craving comes back.

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