Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Best Marinated Baby Beets

Farmers Market Baby Beets

These amazing baby beets were sold at stalls all over the local market this week and with the season ending soon I had to buy a bunch of each variety. My best way to cook these small beets are to trim them and season, then place in aluminum foil with a dash of extra virgin olive oil to roast. After about an hour in a hot oven they are done and the skin will peel right off, then they can be cut into any shape you want, sliced or quartered. My favorite dressing for beets is a ginger-infused orange vinaigrette, sweet and sour with good citrus flavors. Note: be sure to save the beet greens, these are awesome sauteed with olive oil and a splash of good vinegar.

Ginger-Orange Vinaigrette


orange juice, from one orange

orange zest, from one orange

ginger root, small knob

Rice wine vinegar, 2 T

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/2 cup

Kosher salt, to taste

Fresh cracked pepper

Shallots, fine diced, 1 t


1. Simmer the orange juice, shallot and ginger till reduces and becomes thick like a syrup.

2. Add the zest, vinegar, pinch of salt and pepper (the salt will dissolve better without the oil)

3. Whisk in olive oil and taste for correct seasoning, maybe mild herbs can be added for color.

Kitchen Trick: The best way to dress beets is when they are still hot or warm, the vinaigrette flavors will absorb into the beets better.

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