Monday, January 16, 2012

Baja Mexico Trip, Part Four

The Sand Bar
The Cool & Funky Sand Bar

One of the cool and fun things about Mexico is that due to somewhat relaxed government agencies, the bars, clubs and restaurants can be pretty funky in a good way. Things that would not be allowed here in the US due to the many building codes are fine in Mexico. One example is the Sand Bar, a bar & restaurant on highway 19 in the town of Pescadero, Baja California Sur. The name Sand Bar is right because the floor is just that, sand.  A large living tree in the center is a focal point with a rustic palm-thatched roof built around it. The crowd is made up of locals, traveling surfers and the ever-present odd cat and dog, enjoying good drinks and a simple bar menu while maybe watching a game on the wide screen or live music on the weekends.  Another different funky bar and restaurant on the same highway but in the middle of nowhere, is Art & Beer ~ a simple bar surrounded by modern outdoor sculptures in the cactus-covered garden. It's fun to wander and look at the art while drinking a over-sized mug of blended fruit and tequila. One odd tradition they have is to hand you a beer as you are leaving so you can continue drinking on the road; is that legal in this country?  No way!

The Bar

Funky Art on the Highway

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