Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baja Mexico Trip, Part One

Cerittos Beach Southwest Baja, Mexico

Taco Menu with Local Mexican Seafood

Baja Style Fish Taco
With the Winter cold comes frequent thoughts of warmer places and my thoughts turn to the warm region of Baja California, Mexico.  A short three-hour plane trip from San Francisco and it begins to feel like I'm already back in Summer.  The palm trees and the blue Pacific Ocean make it perfect. The second reason for me to being in this warm desert paradise is the food; Mexican food is a personal favorite of mine and I am in Heaven. Tacos are king here and made with lots of seafood in this coastal region. In Mexico a taco is basically anything put into a tortilla with maybe a salsa spooned over it, served with corn tortillas which are the most common. What I like is the simple, uncomplicated flavors of only using a few ingredients. Start with a warm corn tortilla, next a piece of simply grilled fish, meat or vegetable and then add the condiments that you choose, which often can include various forms of red or green salsas, pickled red onions, fresh chili peppers and fresh lime to squeeze over it. I want to go back really soon!!
The Perfect Drink for Tacos

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