Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weeknight Chicken with Mushrooms

Basic foods like chicken and mushrooms are common in recipes, but when you use the best ingredients available it will change from boring to amazing!  So when ever possible buy the best; after all, you are eating it.  I always like to use organic free-range chicken because it's the best tasting and does not have all the harmful additives most supermarket poultry have.  For the mushrooms I also try to stay away from the normal white cultivated ones, which are like flavorless little sponges.  I choose to go with wild or exotic cultivated varieties. A friend of mine, and also the mushroom supplier to the chefs is Todd Spanier, owner of "King of Mushrooms."  He recommended that I get a few ounces of his beautiful Oregon Gold Chanterelles and with that, came the idea of serving them with chicken. I like to keep it real simple when ever I cook to compliment the natural flavors and the colors. Tonight I roasted the kosher salt-seasoned chicken breasts skin side down with a splash of extra virgin olive oil in a 400F oven 'till just cooked through. In the last few minutes of cooking, I tossed in cleaned Chanterelle mushrooms in the same pan to cook along with the finishing chicken. I made a quick asparagus risotto to go with it.  Five simple ingredients come together onto a plate in only about a hour.

Chicken Breast with Golden Chanterelles

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