Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flour from Grapes? Yes.

Cabernet Grape Flour Pasta with Prawns

I recently discovered a California company called Marche Noir who have developed a type of flour made from spent grape skins from the wine industry; actually it's more of a powder to be used along with wheat flour. This powder is derived from Cabernet grape skins and after drying it is ground to a fine powder. Because the bitter tannins make the flour too strong to used by itself, a 10-15 percentage of this powder mixed with flour will produce the color and flavor which makes this product so unique. Marche Noir also makes a line of dried pastas and brownies using this special flour. The color and somewhat strong flavor of the pasta reminds me of pastas made with squid ink, and it can look very dramatic on the plate.

Marche Noir
949.852.5122 (USA)

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