Friday, February 10, 2012

A Meat & Potatoes Night

Pork T-Bone Chop with Glazed Carrots
Potato cakes in the Cast Iron Pan
A classic combination. Tonight for me it was thick-cut pork chop with a crispy potato cake and honey glazed carrots. I started by brining the pork using water, sugar and salt and let it sit overnight to allow the brine to soak in and season the meat. For the potato cake I used both a russet potato and sweet potato. The sweet potato was cut into small cubes and cooked with sliced yellow onions and bacon and the russet was peeled and cut in big chunks, boiled in water until soft then drained and mashed. I combined the cooked sweet potato mixture with the russet mash and then formed it into thick cakes using a ring mold. The cakes were browned in a saute pan and finished in the oven until hot. The peeled and cut carrots went into a pan covered with water and a dash of honey, and they were simmered until the liquid reduced and a sweet sticky glaze formed. The pork was simply grilled and went on a plate with the carrots and potato cake. So simple and good.

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