Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Potato Cakes

Russet and Sweet Potato Cakes

One of my favorite ways of serving potatoes, is to make individual cakes with coarse mashed potatoes with different fillings and seasonings, cooked crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. To start, just peel and cut russet potatoes in large dice, boil in salted water till just cooked, drain and cool. Next make the garnish. For these I made a fine dice of sweet potato and onions and saut├ęd till cooked. Next I crushed the potatoes and added the filling, seasoned with salt and pepper.  The next step is to form using a ring mold to make the cakes. At this point they can sit until ready to cook. This batch was cooked in a cast iron pan with olive oil over an open fire, till crispy and hot.  Filling ideas can include fresh chopped herbs, diced bacon, caramelized onions, wilted kale, etc.

Note: Try with a dollop of sour cream or maybe even caviar?

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