Sunday, September 06, 2009

Berry Infused Liquors

Rasberry Vodka, Blackberry Rum

Blackberries on the Bush

I recently had the idea of what to do with a surplus of vodka in my freezer, all these extra bottles came from my brother, who is in the wholesale liquor distributing business. Infused liquor is really popular right now and is also very easy and cheaper to do yourself. Start with a good quality neutral tasting spirit and just add your favorite berries, fruits, vegetables or spice into the bottle, Let age for at least two weeks for flavors to develop. Then simply use in your favorite mixed drinks. I have had allot of good results using vodka infused with sliced cucumbers, which is mild and refreshing. Raspberries, black berries, blueberries are slightly sweet with great color. Citrus peels like lemon or lime are good for making lemon drops. Jalapeno peppers will make a good bloody Mary for Sunday morning brunch.

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