Sunday, January 16, 2011

Espresso Coffee Maker

What can I say about the number one brewed drink in the world?  I didn't always like it but now its part of my morning routine and my day will seem off if I can't get at least one cup. Being in San Francisco also gives me the opportunity to buy really good locally roasted coffee beans from a few sources in the North Beach neighborhood. I would rather have a really good quality cup of Espresso over the multiple cups of a watery brew. I have had many different coffee makers in the past but like using the "old school" Moka pot which is a stove top espresso maker. Often called macchinetta in Italy, meaning Little Machine. This coffee is made by putting fine ground coffee into a filter basket which sits on top of a bottom chamber filled with water, when the water is heated it is forced up through the coffee into the top chamber where the finished coffee can be poured into a waiting warm cup. It brews under pressure instead of the more common and inferior drip type coffee makers, depending on the size of the pot they normally produce a few ounces of a rich strong coffee that I finish with a dash of raw sugar.

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